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Alpine Scramble - Mount Watson

The trip was not successful. The snow pack was melted out and the final approach to the ridgeline between the East and Main Peak showed about 40% blue glacier ice, with a run out on 100% blue glacier ice. Tried a different approach from the west but after looking it over opted not to proceed.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Parking lot was not full.  Weather was great, forest fire smoke was clearing  in the morning and by afternoon visibility was very good.  The entire route  was in good shape with one major issue.  The snow pack was heavily melted out and blue glacier ice was  showing 40% ice on the ascent up to the saddle adjacent to the East Peak.  The run out below was 100% blue glacier ice.

    Tried  a possible route from the west but opted to not try after viewing from the west on  a small North-South spur. 

See trip report from last year on the same date.

All participants were well prepared and fully capable for the trip.  Everyone interacted well and we had an enjoyable trip.

Recommend this route no later than 1st of August on a hot year and probably earlier.