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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Mount Washington/Standard Route

Can summit without touching snow.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Standard south route trail is mostly in good condition. Only 2 spots with downed trees that is easy to get around and/or over. 

The summit box needs to be replaced. It looks like someone took an ice axe to it --now it has holes on the top. I have a replacement summit box, which I'll carry up next trip.

No gear is really required at this point since you can summit without touching any snow. There's a small ice cave near the headwall; this could be a spot to fill up on water since there's run-off. Usually a good idea to bring a helmet in case mountain goats are above --they do tend to kick rocks. 

The biting insects {black-flies, mosquitos, biting flies} were bad --not Alaska bad, but the worst I've experienced up there. 

No view due to the fires up North in BC & WA (Diamond Creek)

It took the group 3 hours to summit & 3 hours to descend.

 Pictures (from Cindie):