Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Mount Washington/Standard Route

Awesome inclement weather trip! ...with constant rain from mild to pouring; winds ~80 Kph/~50 Mph. We felt alive!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Standard south route. Still have the one down tree between trailhead and first meadow. Easily passable. Someone want to volunteer to clear it with me?

    About the worse of the blowdown on Mount Washington.

    Creek at first meadow was getting high on the return:

    After half-day of rain, the creek is rising!

Departed trailhead at 07:45 with a total roundtrip time of 05:40:00; made the summit in 3 hours.

Trip Log:

It was super hard to get pictures with my point-and-shoot with the heavy rain, wind, etc. Some 'poor' quality pictures from the trip:

This trip would not of worked out well if the temperature was closer to 0 C/32 F. Since the weather was 'warm', it made it seem like we were in a tropical storm, though the summit was cold, we only tapped it and signed the book.

Mostly everyone was soaked to the bone; only one participant was dry, due to recently recoating their rain gear. When the rain pants give to the rain, wet boots from the inside out, despite having gaitors on the inside.

These trips will become more difficult/challenging as the weather gets colder & wetter --but that is all part of the fun/challenge.