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Alpine Scramble - Mount Pilchuck/East Ridge

We turned around because of very slick wet rock above Pinnacle Lake.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • First of all, the potholes on the FS are pretty bad all the way from the Mountain Loop road to the TH; high clearance strongly recommended.

    On the trail to Pinnacle Lake, there are plenty of roots across the trail that are slippery when wet.  There is also some very deep mud in places.  When getting around Pinnacle Lake, don't be tempted to go too high.  There is one tilted slab just above the water line, but plenty of good veggie belays to get you across.

    On this occasion, the rocks above Pinnacle Lake were very wet and slick.

The hike to Pinnacle Lake was pleasant, and getting around it to the gully leading to Bathtub Lakes wan't much trouble.  From there, though, the rocky scramble was very wet and slick.  After getting part way up, we discussed the situation.  Factors included the forecast of more rain and possible thundershowers later in the day, the extra amount of time needed to negotiate the wet rock, and the difficulty of dealing with a possible injury in those conditions.  It wasn't entirely unanimous, but we decided to turn around at that point.  The trip back to the cars was uneventful.