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Alpine Scramble - Mount Angeles

Short trip and very well worth the effort!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Well traveled trail with loose dirt and rock.

Great trip to Mt. Angeles.  Expected to be a very warm day, so we met early at the Switchback trail head (MP 14.5 headed toward Hurricane Ridge) and got going.   The route is as promised.  The switchbacks get your attention fast - they are steep.  You level out a bit to the junction and we headed left toward Hurricane Ridge to our other junction to Mt. Angeles.  Trail up to Mt. Angeles was well traveled with loose dirt and rock.  At the base of Mt. Angeles we put our helmets on, put away the trekking poles and started up.  Went up the false summit first and then went up the correct summit.  Set a rope up for a hand line in one short spot.   Gorgeous views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Port Angeles.  Due to the haze from the fires, it was difficult to see in the distance.   Please note you will encounter horse flies.  Bring bug spray.  Even with setting and using the hand line, we made it up and down without incident in less than 5 hours.