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Alpine Scramble - Mount Aix

spring scramble of Mt AIX.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The gravel road to the trailhead is a bit rough and bumpy but all cars can make it without issues.  Just don't plan to drink coffee while driving the last 4-6 miles.

Started out at 8am from the trailhead in cloudy and sprinkling conditions.  The trail is mostly in great shape with only a small section being not well maintained (maybe 1/4 mile mid way up).

We hit snow at about 5500' and it became mostly solid deep snow at 6,000 onward to Nelson Ridge.  We had strong winds and blowing snow the entire time above 4500'.  Visibility was only a 100' or so most of the time on the ridge. 

The summit scramble was easy class 2 terrain, mainly a climbers path.  No views at the top but the ridge scramble and summit were thankfully snow free.  Looks like this one will be snow free in a couple weeks still.  Last year it was snow free by early june.