Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Miller Peak

Rainy + Wet hike up to Miller peak. Overflowing stream crossings and some wild flowers - to add to the mix.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The road has started to build some bumps along the route. But the trail head and the trail is easily approachable. Will recommend high clearance vehicles. 


    Trail has 4-5 stream crossings with some of them flowing a little close to ankle deep - so poles recommended to cross them. IMG_20190526_082300.jpg

We started from East Gate at 6 AM. Pioneer Coffee shop stop at 7.30AM for some coffee/ + pastries and we started hiking at 8.10AM.

We saw people camping near the iron bear trail head and some hikers going down Iron Bear Trail. We started hiking with Rain Jackets and Rain pants - was raining from Start.

We had to start through some over growth in the initial parts of the trail - the weather meant we took this as a Mount Si trip - so maintained a brisk pace all along. the stream crossings were definitely something to watch out for - some of us had our boots dipped in the running water.

The second creek crossing has a log crossing option to the left- but slippery when wet. The trail is mostly without snow - so regular running shoes should do. 


The last section when we were close to the summit, the mountain threw almost everything at us. Sleet, heavy winds and rain. WE persisted and made it a Tag and Run



We did see some wildflowers blossimg. Without snow - this was completely a hike - we did see some parties on our way down . 3hrs 20 minutes round trip to tag this one