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Alpine Scramble - Mildred Point

Successful summit of Mildred Point in MRNP for a great party of 5.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow started from parking lot. Good driving conditions to Longmire. Chains are required at the Park entrance for all cars but AWD.

Wonderland trail was pretty well packed from parking lot until we got at the trail split to Mildred Point. For that section no traction devices were needed on our way up but we did keep our snowshoes on all way from the summit to the Paradise road. We were fortunate to have a broken trail from trail split up on the ridge for about 1 mile...then it was on us...dry snow in places up high and in steeper sections was triggering compressed steps crumbling. We made it up in slightly less than 5 h, spent 1/2h on the summit and got back in 2 1/2 h. Glorious, beautiful, sunny day. Great day to be out in MRNP!