Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Little Navaho

A scramble to a less frequently visited Teanaway peak in November conditions.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Teanaway River road (and Stafford Creek road), though easily driveable,  has developed some impressive washboarding.  Plenty of room at the Stafford Creek trailhead and the trail is in good shape.

We left the Stafford Creek trail at ~4,800' as it crossed a major stream gully and ascended the broad spur ridge to the east.  For the initial stretch the gentlest slopes were quite near the stream.  The terrain was easy travel, open meadow and trees with easy footing.  Gaining elevation, we curved around towards the summit.  At the summit rock, we made a rising counterclockwise traverse to the summit,  coming at it from the north east.  The summit rock posed no particular inherent difficulty,  but as there was unconsolidated snow cover from ~6,200' it required some care.  Rain and fog were present most of the day, with a stiff wind at the summit.