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Alpine Scramble - Lichtenberg Mountain

Snow scramble to Lichtenberg. Standard NE ridge line. Lots of route finding below the lake gap. Good log crossing at TH sign. Road snowed in .3 miles in from Hwy 2

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Route mostly snow covered.  Summit block melted out and  cornices all along the south side so we couldn't gain the south ridge to the summit.

    Stayed on NE ridge from the lake- did not need microspikes or snowshoes- snow was perfect (highs in the 50s, party cloudy).  Difficult route finding below the lake as we went up one way and down the other- a few areas were higher technically than the T2 rating for this route, especially where snow had melted out- microspikes were helpful on the descent.  Best log crossing was found right at the trailhead sign (although other options to the south of the meadow were also potentials).  


Lots of snow melt had the stream running high.  Found several log crossing opportunites, but best was right at where you see the sign for the Trail head.  We parked about a half mile up the road where the snow started.  We ascended to the gap on the north side of the lake from the north slope.  The steep part to gain the gap had good snow and was easy to self belay up, but there were more technical spots below that slowed us down where the snow was melted off.

Snow conditions on the ridge were perfect (no snowshoes or microspikes needed).  We went climbers left just before the summit block got steep and traversed under the trees on snow.  Cornices along the top of the south ridge kept us from gaining the ridge, but we were able to ascend up and get on the rocks to about 50' below the summit.  Heather and sandy dirt there along with exposure was reason enough to play it safe and call it good at that point.   The scramble to true summit is doable from here for an advanced scrambler (one person in our party did go up and touch the top).

On descent we decided to follow the ridge all the way down and followed the fisherman's trail- still mostly hidden by snow.  Microspikes were helpful on the descent especially where snow and dirt transitioned back and forth. This is a tricky section to route find going down as well when not able to see the trail (had to thread the needle between drop offs and didn't ascend that way), but if you're on the right path it's not bad. 

Started at 8:30, summit at 2pm, and got back to cars at 5:30.  Road walk out seemed to take twice as long as hiking in. Approx 9 miles and 2300' gain C2C.