Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Iron & Teanaway Peaks

Enjoyable scramble of Teanaway and Iron Peaks

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Iron Peak trail was in great condition with a snow patch just before the saddle.  The route up Teanaway was snow free except for one moderate size snow field which could be bypassed which we choose to go up. The route up iron was a boot path with some snow patches.

We hiked the trail to the Teanaway/Iron saddle from there we choose to go up Teanaway first.


                                                      Teanaway Peak from ridge heading up Iron

We followed the climber's path to the right of ridge working our way over to the scree field which lead up to the summit.


We then scrambled up to the moderate size snow field and kick steps up it and scramble up the rocks to the ridge.


We then scrambled up the ridge to the summit. We decided to go down to the left of the scree field to the same elevation as we reach it going up and cross it and follow our up route to the saddle. At the saddle there was a Goat which was not incline to get out of the way.


After going around him we followed the ridge to the summit of Iron.


                                                                     Iron Peak Summit