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Alpine Scramble - Ingalls Peak/South Peak

On a beautiful day, we climbed both South Ingalls and Fortune. Weather was mostly comfortable and the larches were colorful, though not yet at their peak.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • There was no snow or ice on the route.  We went up from the lake to near the saddle between Ingalls and South Ingalls; the route from there has more exposure and should be rated T4 rather than T3.

10 of us scrambled the South Peak of  Ingalls and Fortune Peak on 9/27/16.  We took the trail to Ingalls Lake, worked our way through the saddle between the north and south peaks of Ingalls and found a route on the west side of the south peak.  This had more exposure than I had recalled from previous trips, and a couple people were nervous about a few of the moves, but managed them OK.  From there, we went over to Fortune and made more of a loop by descending to the Esmerelda Basin trail.  We saw no one else off trail and only a few on trail.  The day was very pleasant except during a few short times when it was quite windy.  Two students got credit for their 3rd scramble.  Views were excellent although distant views were obscured by clouds.  All in all, another excellent day in the mountains.