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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Helena Peak

fun scramble - to helena and back :>)

  • Road recommended for high clearance only

quick and dirty route info: drive mtn loop hiway ~1mi east of silverton, turn left up deer creek to drivable end. walk road ~2mi to deer creek trailhead(more than one trailhead nearby, so be sure to be on correct one).  at ~3400, take trail on right up(n),  be careful to stay on trail to ~4500'(a mine shaft is a few above the trail).  from the mine work your way up to notch on the ridge due east of mine.  at other(e) side of notch, take subtle rising key ramp, squeezing past a few trees, to go around corner so you can traverse n.  head n along ridge or on e side of it, stay low(~5070') at false summit and pass below it on its right(e) side, then scramble to summit.

9.17 mi 3121' gain
3:58 car to summit
0:54 summit stay
3:55 summit to car
8:48 car to car

water: not much after road
equipment: helmet
equipment brought, but not used: ice axe, crampons, rope
references: dave fish's rambling and scrambling  https://www.amazon.com/Rambling-Scrambling-around-Mountain-Loop/dp/1477485368

helena 7-23-2017.JPG