Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Hawkins Mountain

Stellar day, clear skies, warm sunshine. Some very loose rock at the start.

  • Road rough but passable
  • We started from Salmon la Sac (FS 4338 Spur 138, near Camp Creek; unmarked). This road is rough & loose, but passable with FWD. We parked at the intersection of this road & FS 4338 Spur 140, which is 4WD only, and only has parking space for 2-3 cars; hardly worth the effort to drive on this road; it's marked as the "Big Boulder - Deroux Trail"; rather than as a road.

    We took the road/trail to 3600', then went off-trail straight up to the knob at 4470'. This portion of the route was very loose & sandy soil (presumably fire damage); basically no trace of a bootpath. Very difficult to avoid dislodging rocks in this section; made for significant rockfall hazard; helmets needed. Rockfall hazard very low beyond the knob.

    Patchy snow encountered starting at 5200'. Most of the route was free enough of snow to avoid snow altogether, although we frequently elected to stay on snow to minimize energy exertion. There was a large cornice remnant just below the summit, which we fortunately stayed away from.




Glorious day. Allow plenty of time for the loose rock section below the 4470' knob.