Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Guye Peak/North Route

Guye Peak in the Rain, after work.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The snow in the first 800 feet is beginning to open up, brush and rocks had to be negotiated a bit.  In the big rock band near the summit, the moats are very deep and the snow bridging them is not very solid.  There is still a ton of snow above 4,500 feet.  


Our band of jolly after-hours scramblers stepped out of the cars into a nice rain shower at 5pm.  We took the standard trail route from the Snow Lake Trailhead.  Snow still covers from the road onward, though some areas are beginning to get thin as you go up the first 800 feet.  The snow was hard and easy to kick steps into.  

Everyone had a great time except that I didn't bring a summit treat.  You can see from our summit photo that they were broken up about it (except Maggie).  We had a few scramble students from Seattle and Foothills, and they all did great walking in balance and not stabbing themselves with their ice axes.  I set a good standard for them to not expect good weather nor snacks.  

We took three hours roundtrip and found a nice orange saucer near the parking lot.  Wish we'd found that up higher and got to ride some slopes down.  Perhaps it will still be there next Wednesday when many of the same people will try to scramble Snoqualmie after work...  hopefully not in the rain this time (and with brownies!)  The waterfall was a torrent, that could be interesting.