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Alpine Scramble - Guye Peak/North Route

Still no uphill travel permitted on Denny Mountain. Audibled to Guye for an easy evening snow scramble.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
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    The plan was to scramble Denny, but this sign turned us away.  Our group of 7 went to Guye instead.  Alpental's last day of operations was May 7, so the signage was unexpected.  There was no one around to ask questions to.  My phone calls and email seeking explanation have since gone unanswered.

    Snow from the trailhead is diminishing fast, but still completely covering the route.  It was near 70 degrees, so the snow was soft enough for kicking good steps.  We kept the route quite steep to around 4200 ft and followed obvious tracks to the summit.

    We took 2 hours up, and 80 minutes from summit to trailhead.  The creek running toward the trailhead is opening up, and this trip leader had to bail on a glissade to avoid the hole.  Beware.


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Chuck Cerveny
Chuck Cerveny says:
May 12, 2017 04:54 PM

The lifts did close on 5/7, however the patrol crew is still breaking down the ropes and securing everything for the summer. The expect it to be open to all after 5/12. I posted a note on the Facebook page about it.