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Alpine Scramble - Guye Peak/East Route

This route is now in condition, with no significant snow on the steep forest or steep rock portions of the route, and only some remaining snow on the trail/waytrail portions of the route. No ice ax needed.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • See above regarding route.

We had one participant go to the wrong TH (the summer TH for hiking Guye from the Alpental parking area, next to the Snow Lake TH, rather than the PCT/Commonwealth Basin TH at which the rest of the party met).  The participant was a late addition and had had a busy week of study and work, and apparently did not have time to read the emails and Leader's Notes that had gone to the rest of the party earlier in the days before the trip.

Other than that, the trip went well: the usual uncertainty regarding precisely when to turn left from the steep forest portion of the route to attempt to locate the exposed ledge that crosses the bottom of the cliffs to reach the gully, to launch the rock portion of the trip.   While we turned left a little too low, we found our way fairly directly to the correct location to get aboard the definitive ledge.

There was some sprinkling between 9 am (the meet-up time) and 10:15 (our actual start time, given that we were trying to locate our missing party member), so that the delay was not actually costly -- by waiting out the sprinkle, the rock portion of the route was almost entirely dry by the time we reached it.

We took a little less than six hours on route, including a lunch break and a couple of other clothing/refueling/hydration breaks.

There is now a register on the SE-most summit of the peak.