Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Granite Mountain Trail

Great Weather! No smoke, clear skies. Berries and good rock scrambling up a famous Granite mountain , via a hidden scramble path up a dry river bed

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Great group yesterday and back to leading scrambles after a while! Brisk hike up. This after work Granite Mountain scramble was definitely inspired from what Jim Powell did last year for us.

    We started at the Granite Mountain TH at 5.03 and went on aggresively moderate pace for 1.5 miles then went to slow moderate pace till we reached the base of the last dry rock bed.


    We put our helmets on and scrambled up- it definitely had a lot of chimney moves and some spicy moves. I remembers Hibox Mountain a lot during this trip.




    We hit the heaven full of berries after the stream bed. We stayed there for 40 minutes helping ourselves with berries. Some of us went to an extent that our face turned purple.


    We reached the summit at around 8PM, 10 minutes after the sunset. Some coffee, coconut macroons (No ice cream on this one :(.



    We put our headlamps on, stayed together as a group, talking about food and other mountain adventures on the way down. Reached the trail head by 10.55PM. A little less than 6 hrs round trip.