Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Goat Mountain, West Peak

Amazing views on this crystal clear day. Fall colors and some new snow made it even more stunning.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Roads to the TH in good condition.  Fairly large TH with a toilet.  NW Forest Pass required.

Seven ladies departed the Hannegan TH around 9am on a beautiful day.   The trail is in excellent shape with many switchbacks.20191014_095417.jpgAround 4100' we encounter a little intermittent soft snow.  At around 11am and around 5000' we get stunning views of Mt Baker, Mt Shuksan and Mt Sefrit.  20191014_110301.jpg20191014_111832.jpgAfter about 15 minutes and many photos later, we continue on the colorful trail.  20191014_111703.jpgSince people are hiking at their own pace, I ask everyone to regroup at 5600' where the official trail ends.  Almost at 5600'.20191014_113258.jpgFrom 5600' we follow an unofficial trail that's in very good condition.  Some spotty snow lingered along here.20191014_120527.jpgAt about 12:30 we arrive at the saddle in the ridge that will take us to Goat Mountain's west peak.  What magnificent views of Tomyhoi on climber's left and Larrabee and American Border Peaks on the right.   Canada is not far from here.20191014_150826.jpgFrom the saddle there is also a view of Goat Mountain's West Peak.  We're off again  around 12:45am.   Inked20191014_124842_LI.jpgA closer look at our peak and the snow finger we need to cross.  We're lucky someone's footprints are already in the snow so we can just follow them.20191014_125131.jpgOur route after putting on our crampons.Inked20191014_144825_LI.jpgHeading across the snow finger.  Photo courtesy of Yoko.image4.jpegSnow is in great shape and we're soon on rock again.20191015_075600.jpgLooking down the ridge we came up on and our track across the snow finger.- about 2pm.20191014_141415.jpgViews from the summit are stunning.  Too many to take so I just took a video which I can't seem to include here.  After about 20min here, we depart.  Crossing the snow finger again.20191014_143943.jpgOn the ridge.20191014_144504.jpgDown the ridge again.20191014_150808.jpg20191014_152241.jpgBack at our cars by 5:30pm.   Dinner at Chair 9 in the town of Glacier and then the long drive back to Seattle.  What a great day!

8.5 hrs c2c including about a hour worth of breaks.


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Wendy W
Wendy W says:
Oct 16, 2019 06:36 PM

Yes, a great day. Thanks for leading and organizing, Sue. I think snow was soft enough and the slope mild enough that good microspikes would've been plenty. But you don't know until you get there so glad we had both.