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Alpine Scramble - Goat Mountain (Mount Baker)

Spectacular day with the summit area empty except for our party.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Nasty user trails for the last 2 miles or so.  Snow conditions below and around the summit can be difficult.  Loose rock is a problem on the bottom third of the true summit.  Suggest helmets.


For Goat Mountain


     Our group of 6 met at Bellingham and consolidated the group into two cars. FS road to TH was in very good condition. Weather was clear and sunny. First section of the trail has a low moderate incline and a very good tread. After 2 miles or so the tread gets rougher and steeper. Meadow’s above the forest and the old fire area are spectacular. Had a brunch stop. Good trail dead ended as the meadow gets very steep. Turned left on a horizontal user trail that that is narrow and faint with grass covering much of it. We reached an intersection and took the short, steep dirt connector trail to our right and intersected another traversing trail. This trail goes the wrong way and then switchbacks and traverses to the west. After a long traverse, this very poor trail angles and then straightens directly up the steep meadow to the ridge top. A real grunt.

     We stopped where the trail starts a traverses of the south side of the hiker’s summit. From here you can see the true summit above a large area of snow. Here we recuperated, put on helmets and got out our ice axes. Some put on micro studs. We dropped off the ridge and traversed high near the rocks on greasy and softish snow. Then continued on an upwards direction to the large snow field below the summit. The snow, while not icy, was difficult to get any purchase with either our boots or axes. The snow field was larger than I had seen during the previous 2 trips and it looked like it would be difficult to intersect the best route on the rock. Left the snow earlier on what turned out to be lots of rubble. Lost time getting through this area in a safe manner. Finally got onto the good route which has less rock problems and quickly got to the summit after going through thick trees.

     Views from the summit were spectacular from every angle although there was a slight haze to the south and west. No one else in sight. Left summit at 15:30. Some difficulty getting off the rock to the snow and then very slow and unpleasant traverse on the snow. Traveled directly to the saddle to the south, left the snow and picked up the hiker’s trail.

     Stopped where we started the traverse to the summit, organized. Arrived back at the cars at 19:30 in low light, but no bugs. A spectacular day where we had the summit area all to ourselves. Met only a few others on the ascent and about a dozen low down the descent. Four of us finished the day eating pizza at Chair 9. A great group of scramblers and a great day. Stats were 11.1 hours, 4,360’ and 10 miles.