Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Goat Mountain (Mount Baker)

Turned around at false summit, due to cold rain, wind, and fog.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The false summit of the West peak at this time of year is a hard hike; not a scramble. The true summit looked much more challenging than described in Mountaineers' routes & places, at least at this time of year, when the permanent snowfields were largely blue ice (would have been very challenging even with crampons).

    One route seen online may be good for this time of year: Depart the climber's trail at 6400', and cross steep grass & heather underneath (on the NW side of) the permanent snowfield between the false summit & true summit. Ascend on grass & heather around the N side of the snowfield to the col between the 2 summits, then ascend moderate scrambling terrain up the SW or S side of the true summit.

Had cloudy weather in the morning with swirling mists; quite beautiful. Blueberries were ripe & plentiful. The mist turned to rain, making the climber's trail quite slippery. Upon reaching the false summit, we had cold rain, wind & poor visibility, so elected to not even try for the true summit.

There were numerous rifle hunters camped near the old lookout site at 5200', hunched over campfires in the clusters of trees.