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Alpine Scramble - Fay Peak, Hessong Rock & Mount Pleasant

We changed to Mount Ruth due to the Mowich Lake road not being open until the following week. However we had a great time scrambling and skiing Mount Ruth.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We found a stretch of continuous snow from the creek on up to the summit, however you could avoid much of the snow until the ridge (we were skiing so we preferred the snow).  Trail into Glacier basin was mostly snow free until very near the end and patches of snow crossed the trail that were easy to cross.  Hardest part of the trip was crossing the creek - we found a way over but by later in the day we had to find another way back.

This was a great trip with a great group of folks.  We got an early start from White River campground and hiked into Glacier basin in trail shoes.  We crossed the creek after having to look around some.  We decided to skin up with our skis/snowboard and found a continuous track from the edge of the stream up to the summit.  Did the final rock scramble to the summit and enjoyed great views.  Then we skied on out to the creek.  Switched back over to trail shoes and had to find a new place to cross as the river had risen 6" or so and covered our way in.  We ended up just walking through the creek with our shoes on (still drying them out).  Hiked on back to the cars.  Excellent weather and great group of folks - could be considered either a snow of rock scramble.