Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Fay Peak, Hessong Rock & Mount Pleasant

Trip was a great success. Lots of smoke in the air from the BC fires, though.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route was fine with no problems. We hiked past the ranger cabin and up the climber's trail behind it towards Knapsack Pass. We tuned to the right a little before Knapsack and made our way on the front side (west) of the pass towards Fay. After summiting Fay, we descended the chimney on the east side of Fay and made our way across a pretty skinny traverse and steep terrain to a saddle between Pleasant and Hessong. This is a good place for anyone to wait who is not wanting to do the next two peaks. However, all of the group summited all three peaks. Then we made our way into Spray park and hooked up with the Spray Park trail for the trip back to Mowich Lake. There was only a tiny bit of snow on the trip, enough to pump some water from the melting snow when descending Fay. It probably won't be there another week. Ice axes were unnecessary. I recommend helmets due to the chimney and skinny traverse off of Fay.

Lots of beautiful flowers in Spray Park!