Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Dumbell & Greenwood Mountains

Straight forward scramble with an easy approach. Beautiful views when it's clear.

  • Road recommended for high clearance only
  • The last 2+ miles to the Phelps Creek TH is as bad as before.  High clearance vehicle very highly recommended.  I personally would not let a participant drive up in anything but such a vehicle.

This was another one of my leisurely trips.

Our group of 5 met at the 59er diner at 7am on a Friday.  We did so because I wanted to avoid the morning rush hour traffic and I was afraid the small trailhead was going to be jam packed if we waited till later in the day.   After breakfast it took us about 1.5hrs to reach the TH.  Luckily the cars were not parked for miles down the road and we actually got the last 2 spots at the TH. 

We started down the trail about 10am and arrived at Spider Meadows before noon.  The weather wasn't as nice as anticipated and it even sprinkled on us ever so lightly a couple of times.48621473346_ff993c03fe_k (1).jpgWe took the right fork to Phelps Basin at 1pm and got our first good view of Dumbell Mtn from here.Dumbell summit.jpgWe followed Sean Albert's Peakbagger's trip report and made camp at 5800', right below Dumbell's ascent gully.   Unfortunately there were no established campsites here and heather and blueberries all around.  After at least a half hour of searching, we finally decided on an area where there was already a firepit.   We spent the rest of the afternoon napping, eating blueberries, exploring or reading. Photo looking down at our campsite and Phelps Basin below.48621119118_2f37d1ce04_k.jpgLooking up at the Dumbell peaks and ascent gully.48621119898_cacbfc1990_k (1).jpgInked48621475741_616abdc2cd_k_LI.jpgWe depart around 7:30am next day.  Looking back at our campsite.48621121968_b230c232bd_k (1).jpgGetting higher up and still following the drainage.48621630947_0e485fcd54_k (1).jpg48621122398_c4928fdb9e_k.jpgHeather benches and slabs as we get closer.Up.jpgOnce you leave the heather, it's all choss up this wide gully.Inked48621479126_00c712cf10_k (1)_LI.jpgLooking down the gully and Red Mtn across.48621622852_8c74191eb7_k.jpgAfter a long break, we cross the gully to start the real scrambling.  Going up the first band of rock which is fairly solid.48621624002_b5828f5650_k.jpgThen across a chossy ledge and up the chimney as shown in the photo below.chimney.jpgCloser view of the Cl 3 chimney with people in it.Inked48621126988_c0fcd5dead_k_LI.jpgAfter reaching the top of the chimney we turn climber's right and scramble a little higher.  Now we can really see the rest of our route to the summit of Dumbell.  The clouds are moving in and soon our views are gone.  Photo of the summit.48621127598_c36013a45b_k (1).jpg Arriving at the summit at 10:45am.48621483016_41fd0e97de_k.jpg48621483321_38e1007b3b_k.jpgTime to descend and head to Greenwood Mtn.  We retrace our route.  Down the chimney and across the chossy gully to the notch.Inked48621630137_d3fc2f9edb_k_LI.jpgInked48621629682_1ca0a4b021_k_LI.jpgAt the notch.48621134348_aff9092af3_k.jpgThe traverse around the ledge is not difficult unless you have exposure problems.  Good handholds available.    Greenwood Mtn is in the clouds.48621491336_1579c822fb_k (1).jpgLooking back.  The 1 spot where it juts out a bit.  48621634577_6a1ff7c46e_k.jpgLooking down at Dumbell Lake.  Mt Maude, Copper and 7 Finger Jack.48621136983_80ab0f6957_k.jpgOnce off the ledge,we put on our crampons and cross the snowfield.  Microspikes would have been fine or even no traction as the snow was not icy.  Summit of Dumbell above the people.Inked48621138508_da750b57db_k_LI.jpgThe tarn below the snowfield is beautiful.48621494351_528ab60f1f_k.jpgWe leave our crampons and ice ax when back on rock.  From here it's just a walk up to Greenwood Mtn's summit.  48621638772_ad60b7a189_k.jpgLooking back at Dumbell.48621497731_d5164a3c83_k.jpgGreenwood Mtn.48621639372_53655edcdb_k.jpgAs we get higher, the clouds start coming in again and the wind picks up.  48621632317_f3bc76ca7f_k.jpg

48621488891_3fbc9f0b57_k.jpgThere's only 2 pieces of paper in a plastic tube for the register so Albert replaces it with a new register and holder.  It's about 2pm now.48621472846_8000326f26_k.jpgWe retrace our steps again.48621498396_97e68696d4_k.jpgBack across the snowfield, ledge, to the notch, down the chossy gully, heather benches and slabs to our tents. 
48621143403_6216dbec50_k.jpgInked48621143793_c33ec7141f_k_LI.jpgIt's about 5:30pm.  Most would prefer to stay another night so we do, but if I had known it was going to be windy all night and rainy in the early morning, I would have packed out that day.   

Instead of a leisurely morning breakfast on Day 3, we quickly packed up and left by 7:30am since everything was wet.  Breakfast/lunch at 59er Diner before the drive home.  Was another good weekend with a great group of Mountaineers.