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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Double Peak

Well earned - seldom climbed peak

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Good roads - expect delays at the road construction on Hwy 410 within the Park 

Don't park at the Deer creek TH.  Rather drive .6 miles further and park at the pull out with white X.  From there walk north along road about 20 ft. and find the cairn I left next to a gray log.  Follow the abandoned trail that turns into a game trail down to the maintained trail just north of the bridge crossing.  Follow maintained trail to just past the Double peak drainage.  We headed into the woods as soon as we passed the second (dry) run from the double peak drainage delta.


Look for and seek out game trails going parallel to the creek staying relatively close to the creek, but not within eye site (about 300 feet away all the way up to about 4000 ft.).  Brush not too bad, blow-downs relatively avoidable.  Avoid game trails that stray toward the southwest no mater how inviting, rather seek out another one going your direction.  We encountered one cliff band at 3556 feet that we found a nice break through.  Up around 4000 feet we went through two devils club patches that were in open areas (about 50 feet wide each.)  We followed a game trail through those patches staying below and north east of the slide alder.  Nearing the exit to the lower basin the snow bridges across a couple of drainages are starting to melt out, watch you step.  Skirted the cliff bands staying high which lead directly out to the lower basin and continuous snow.  Followed the standard route up and around the lower basin up to the upper basin.  Snow up the gully is in nice shape.  Stayed on snow all the way to the top of the gully.  Quick, easy, snow free scramble to the summit.  Replaced the register with a small memo book.  

Returned the same route.  Self belayed the upper gully slope which is steep enough to get your attention, and glissaded the lower section.  We did not try to take any shortcuts as tempting as they looked.    

We ended up only having 3 people in our party which made travel through obstacles a bit quicker.  We did not take a rope.    9 hours car-to-car.