Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Dog Mountain (Snoqualmie)

Great group and weather made this trip very enjoyable

  • Road rough but passable
  • We used microspikes for the thin snow and icy conditions near the summit of Dog


(Cover photo by Maureen Seeley)

Many thanks to Andy for mentioning in the previous Dog Mtn trip report not to trust Google maps.  It will tell you to turn left, but you should go straight.  Takes about 1 hour 15 minutes from the North Bend Safeway, perhaps a bit less if you know the road well.

Trail is an old road for a few miles, somewhat brushy.  Gets down to business after starting on the real "trail".  Trail hard to find in many places, even though the brush has died back.  Overly excessive flagging though makes routefinding very simple.  We left the trail at about 4300', and took the path of least resistance to the summit.  Steep in places.

Excellent views from the summit, this picture is of Treen and Garfield:IMG_3555.jpg

 We descended back to the trail and headed up the trail to the saddle at 4600' above Anderson Lake in an attempt to climb Morpheus Peak (Pt 5432), but given the time of day (2pm), and the distance required, decided to turn around at the saddle.  Back to the cars around 4:30pm.

Morpheus Peak is the bump in the distance: