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Alpine Scramble - Chinook & Crystal Peaks

The scramble itself was not technical, but the off-trail travel and the traverse from chinook peak to crystal peak was tons of fun.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was in great conditions (Thank you Forest Service and WTA).  The only thing I had to complain was the insane amount of flying ants on Chinook Peak summit.

    The air quality was decent, thanks to the nice breezes we got throughout the day. We got a great view of Rainier.


We made it to the parking lot around 7:20ish, and there were only 7-9 cars in the parking lot. When we returned around 2pm, the lot was packed. Start early if you can. 

I was originally planning to Chinook Peak only, but everyone in my group wanted to do Crystal Peak. So we ended up doing both Chinook and Crystal. With plenty of breaks, we did the whole thing in 6 hours. The traverse from Chinook to Crystal was fun too. You can find me GPS track here.