Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Chikamin Peak

Strenuous one-day scramble with beautiful fall colors

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No issues with the route but watch out for bees! We stirred up a nest  along mineral creek and one party member got stung ~5 times.

The group gathered at Tibbetts P&R at 5:30am. Met a few party members in Roslyn then headed to the Mineral creek trailhead. Hit the trail 7:30am.

We hiked the Mineral creek trail past Parks lakes to the junction with the PCT, then a short stretch of PCT to a second junction. Views of Hibox here and there but most of the views were hidden by the brush. Views opened up around Parks lakes and only got better from there. We hiked through a sea of red and gold foliage and even found a few blueberries. Shortly after the second junction we crested the ridge and the views of Spectacle and Glacier lake and the surrounding mountains opened up. The view from here was spectacular both coming and going.


Well defined trail down to Glacier lake although very steep and rough. Great views of Chikamin from Glacier lake and excellent place to refill water (Or camp). Trail ends on far side of Glacier lake.


We climbed through the boulders and past the vertical rock. Worked our way up the slabs to the unnamed lake ~5400ft. Continued uphill, all roads lead to Rome. Small stretch of scree near the top. Followed boot path up the summit block . Class 2 all the way from Glacier lake to the summit block. There is a ~10ft wall near the summit that required some class 3 moves (Much discussion about this on the mountain, class 3 in my opinion). Descent followed the same route.


Back to the car at 7:30 (12 hours), headlamps came out for the last half hour. Finished the climb with burgers at The Brick in Roslyn.

GPS results varied, but mine said 16 miles 5800 ft.