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Alpine Scramble - Arrowhead Mountain

Fun snow scramble through mature forest capped by a ridge run to the summit.

  • Road rough but passable
  • With the rapid snow melt from this years warm dry spring weather we parked on the spur road to the railroad tracks instead of on the highway near the highway maintenance station, and started at 8:30. Walked a short bit east along the tracks until the team found a spot they wished to attempt scaling the cut to enter the forest. Steep and overgrown everywhere along the railroad tracks, very loose soil also. Once in the forest we set a course of 150 degrees and weaved our way up through lots of downed trees, a good workout. Starting hitting snow at 4550', obtained the ridge at 4700'. Following the ridge west in mixed snow, rock and vegetation we hit solid snow (5400') for the final 600 vertical feet to the summit. Ice axes in hand as the snow slopes to the north side of the ridge are quite steep. Team summited from 12:15 to 12:30. On our return we stayed on the ridge to almost 4400' then reversed our compass course and came out on the railroad tracks a little farther east than where we went in with a little less of an embankment to descend at 4:00. On and off light rain showers until 11:00, then continuous rain until about 1:30 then occasional light showers. Great team with fantastic group awareness skills.      


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