Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Anvil Rock

A perfect, beautiful, incredible day, lots of fun and camaraderie!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Lots of snow still around Paradise, but I was surprised at how much has already melted out above Alta Vista area. The chute up to Panorama Pt was partially melted, icy, probably rock fall hazard. But Pebble Creek trail was doable with intermittent snow stretches. There were several cracks opening in deep snow along the Glacier Vista ridge and water running under the snow in the big dip east of the ridge, we stayed high. The moon rocks were all out. Very few heading up to Muir, a couple of campers on the north end of Anvil Rock. Excellent plunge-stepping conditions, just a few icy spots under soft snow on the upper slopes, several short glissades with visible runouts. The snow is melting fast!



No crowds heading to Camp Muir. But we did see 3 RMI guided caravans marching up while on our way down.