Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - 3rd & 2nd Burroughs Mountain

Alternate destination (3rd & 2nd Burroughs Mtn) chosen due to avalanche hazard on intended destination Mt Ruth. Beautiful day with lots of mountain goats, and a fire rainbow.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Reached snow on trail about 1/2 mi before Glacier Basin. Storms from 3 prior days had produced a half-dozen wet loose avalanches on the N face of Mt Ruth, and we watched skiers trigger 2 more. Selected alternate destination of 3rd & 2nd Burroughs Mtns.

From Glacier Basin, going up S-facing slope to 3rd Burroughs Mtn is fairly loose rock; but danger was minimized by spreading out laterally and ascending diagonally. Was snow all the way from top of ridge to 3rd & 2nd Burroughs Mtns, and to saddle between 2nd & 1st Burroughs Mtns. Saw several mountain goats and many tracks. Also saw incredible fire rainbow above Little Tahoma. Very good day in all.