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Trip Report    

Aid Climb - Leaning Tower/West Face

Overnight push, 18 hours on the wall.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •  Dry. And crowded.

 After giving up on the climb twice before due to having other parties ahead, leader chose to return this year with a plan to push through the night. As expected, we found 3 parties ahead when we reached the base of the climb. Overnight capacity on the ledge above was 6, so we were committed to an overnight climb. 

Team started after 1pm. First leader chose to short-fix above pitch 1, self belaying pitch 2 while other members jugged the haul and main lines. Second leader linked pitches 3 and 4, reaching Ahwahnee Ledge at sunset. Team chose to bypass pitches 5 and 6, jugging one of the many ropes fixed above. Pitches 7 to 9 were climbed in the dark. They were overhanging and convoluted, but dispatched in reasonable time. It was not too cold, fortunately. Leader took a nap while others led on pitch 10. The sun cam out as leader jugged to top of pitch 10 and found others already taking a nap. We had hauled two sleeping bags and pads, but we were too tired to even pull them out...

As the sun slowly warmed our bodies, we woke up, packed our stuff, and started first of many rappels down the backside of the tower. Returned to the car exhausted.

Good to have checked it off, not sure we'll do that again...