Trip Report    

Adventure Club - Cross-Country Ski - Lost Lake

This was a MAC backcountry ski tour to Lost Lake, Snoqualmie Pass. Mostly on roads, some snowmobiles, 15 miles

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Since we traveled on a multi-use trail, some snowmobiles passed us as we skied. We did not enter avalanche territory.

The 7 person group met completely at Crystal Springs Sno-Park around 845, and started skiing soon after. After 2 miles on the Iron Horse Trail, we turned up on the road to the lake. Everyone had a great lunch at the lake, and we couldn’t help enjoying the muffled quiet of winter, and the white expanse of snow covering the lake. After brief discussion, the group decided to take the back way to the Iron Horse Trail, which involved a long climb to cross over a mountain in the way. Fortunately for us, we got rewarded for our trouble with a long downhill glide that turned to flat after a couple miles. As we stumbled on our skis for the last few miles of trail, we still had enough energy to take the dog trail to the parking lot, a new route for almost all of us. After this trip, MAC has been to two Lost Lakes, of four that Peter Clitherow, both trips’ leader, knows of in Washington.