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Trip Report    

Adventure Club - Alpine Climb - Mount Rainier/Disappointment Cleaver

All 9 in the team summit in perfect weather. Congratulations to many first Rainier summit.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • There are huge ice fall on 7/6 evening and the team discussed higher risk of objection hazard on the route.  After discussion and evaluation, team decided to go as original plan.  Start early to avoid back late on the ice debris part, also move quickly under the potential ice fall area.  It turns out to be a successful climb with all 9 members summit and return back safely.

Day 1: leave paradise parking lot around 10:30 am, arrived at camp muir around 5pm. Leader forget ice axe in the car so have to fetch it back from parking lot.  Fortunately found not far away from TH.

Day 2: Sleep until 8am.  Get up and eat brunch.  Leave camp muir around 10:30 am and arrived Ingraham flat a little past noon.  Set up camp, eat lunch/dinner.  Sleep/rest inside the tent.  Get up at 9:30 pm and start summit push at 10:45 pm.

Day 3: Reached summit crater at 4:30 am, just in time watching sunrise from summit.  Back to Flat at 10am. Rest and break up camp at 11:30 am, back to camp Muir around 1:30 pm.  Rest and back to parking lot a little bit before 5pm.

All members in the group helped each other and make the climb a success.  Thanks Alex and Min for their volunteering.  Marguax and Menno are also key to success.