Whitehorse Trail

Hike or bike along a trail that meanders 27 miles between Arlington and Darrington and follows the path of the former BNSF railroad through the North Stillaguamish River Valley. Enjoy picturesque views of forests, farmland, streams, rivers, and mountains. On a clear day there are views Whitehorse Mountain, Mount Higgins, Round Mountain, and Segelsen Ridge. The trail is also open to dogs, horses and bikers.

on the trail

Whitehorse Trail: Darrington to Swede Heaven

An easy to moderate 6 miles one-way with 150 feet of elevation gain



25 miles one-way, 870 feet of elevation gain


Park at the Tafton Trailhead, 4 miles east of Arlington, by an old barn or at one of the other trailheads further east for a shorter ride and ride east towards Darrington. At mile 7, pass the site of the 2014 Oso Landslide, a sobering site which now hosts a memorial for the victims of the slide. Continue east ~21 miles to Barco and turn right on 512 Drive NE and then immediately right again to reach Squire Creek Campground. This road crosses private property. Be respectful and watch for farm animals. If desired, continue to Darrington from the Squire Creek Campground by riding 3.5 miles on SR-530.

Camping & Water

Camp at Squire Creek Campground. This Snohomish Country campground is open year around but bathrooms and running water are only available between Labor Day to Memorial Day. Two porta-potties are available during the off- season. Water can be filtered from the creek running by the campground. Covered pavilions with picnic tables also available by the creek. Water is also available on the trail at numerous river crossings (near the trestles) and sections that run right next the riverbed.


  • Download a Whitehorse Trail map from the Snohomish County Whitehorse Regioanl Trail web page.
  • The trail is overall in good condition, but not regularly maintained so downed trees and bushes close to the trail can be encountered especially closer to Darrington.
  • As of Nov 2022, there are currently two closures. The first is between the Centennial Trail connection and the Trafton Trailhead. The second is just west of 435th Ave NE near Darrington. These closures are because of landslides and river washouts. The remainder of the trail is open to the public and much of the trail has recently been resurfaced with compacted gravel.
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate, Bikepacking Gravel I
  • Length: 12.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 150 ft
  • 463 ft
  • see Land Manager
  • Green Trails Mountain Loop Highway No. 111SX
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  • Whitehorse Regional Trail
  • Whitehorse Trail: Darrington to Swede Heaven
Whitehorse Trail Gaia GPS Track

A link to the Gaia GPS bikepack route for the Whitehorse Trail (Snohomish County Gravel/Unpaved Cycling) by Emma Agosta posted Nov 19, 2022.

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