Whistler Canyon

A wildlife rich canyon trail with interesting geology and early season access. It is located in north-central Washington and is part of the Pacific Northwest Trail. It is home to the largest group of Desert Bighorn Sheep in the state.

Getting There

Drive US-97 2.4 miles south of Oroville or 14.5 mile north of Tonasket, turn east onto the signed road to the Whistler Canyon Trailhead (1,000 ft).

On the Trail

Hike the Whistler Canyon Trail to beyond Whistler Canyon. The canyon is lined with Ponderosa Pine forests and the hills above are lightly treed or bare rock. There is an optional loop trail the turns left at mile 2.2 and reconnects to the mail trail at mile 4.1.  It offers many views and possible places to camp at several lakes and ridges. One can continue on the Whistler Canyon Trail for 12 miles where it ends at the Wilcox Trailhead on Forest Road 3525. A shuttle hike between the two trailheads is possible. The canyon is home to huge herds of  Bighorn Sheep, cougars, bears, wolves, marmots, moose, and other animals. Wildflowers are abundant in the Spring.


  • Whistler Canyon is also a very active climbing area.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 24.0 mi
  • USGS Oroville
  • USGS Mount Hull
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