Skyline Lake, Skyline Ridge & Tye Peak

A great winter playground at Stevens Pass for snowshoers, scramblers and backcountry skiers. It's a short, steep trip up the ridge to an alpine lake. From there there are may possible destinations including Heather Ridge, Sky Mountain, Tye Peak and Tye Lake.

ascent routes

Skyline Lake (5,092 ft)

From the Stevens Pass Ski Area parking lot on the north side of the highway, find the trailhead near the electrical substation. Follow the road as it switchbacks up the hill, taking in views of the ski area and Cowboy Mountain. This is good exercise—the road climbs at an average of 500 feet per mile! At about 5,000 ft, turn off the road and find a route through the trees to the lake. Optionally, ascend from the lake to the ridge above to seek out an interesting boulder garden.

Skyline Ridge (5,447 ft)

GPS: 47.75851, -121.09401

The east peak just northeast of Skyline lake is the highest peak on the ridge at 5,447 ft. Just to the west and north of Skyline Lake is the middle peak at 5,360 ft.

Heather Ridge (5,444 ft)

GPS: 47.75689, -121.104233

The ridge west of Skyline Lake may be traversed on the north or south, or climbed over its summit.

Sky Mountain (5,489 ft)

GPS: 47.759182, -121.110254

Sky Mountain is northwest of Heather Ridge on the way to Type Peak and Tye Lake.

tye Peak (5,480 ft) & lake (4,680 ft)

From Skyline Lake climb northwest through timber to ascend to gap in crest of Skyline Ridge at 5,200 ft.  Descend northwest down open slopes of Skyline Ridge backside to drainage at head of small creek (4,800 ft). Traverse NNW on a steep wooded slope trending slightly up until slope opens into gentle snowy meadows at 4,900 ft. Then climb west up the meadows into steeper woods to gain crest of Tye Ridge (5,000 ft).  Turn south on Tye Ridge (away from Point 5476 aka Tye Peak) and traverse southerly on ridge-top to about 5,200 ft where a small pinnacle blocks way.  Look west over ridge to see broad north-facing ramp on other side.  This snowy ramp leads down to Tye Lake (4,695 ft).

Information for LEADERS

scheduling & permits

  • If you are scheduling this as a non-course related activity, please limit your group size to the default party size. The maximum party size is for use by course field trips only, and includes both students and instructors. Group size maximums do not reflect how course field trips are run (in smaller groups of students and instructors), but allow for course leaders to register the course in our system.
  • If you plan to travel beyond Tye Ridge (to Tye Lake, for example), your group size must be 12 or fewer to comply with the group size limits in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness.
  • If you are scheduling a course field trip, please contact our Member Services Team to confirm the field trip and any permitting regulations.
  • This route allows multiple bookings. Please check scheduled trips listed below in the "Activities" tab to see if there is another group already booked on the same day. If so, please coordinate with them to ensure you are carpooling and teaching at different areas.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, M1 Intremediate Ski, Winter Scramble
  • Length: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,200 ft
  • 5,476 ft
  • Land Manager: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
    Wild Sky Wilderness, Skykomish Ranger District (MBSNF)
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 60
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 60
  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes West (Stevens Pass) No. 176S
  • USGS Stevens Pass
  • USGS Labyrinth Mtn
  • Green Trails Benchmark Mtn No. 144
  • Green Trails Stevens Pass No. 176
Trip Reports

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  • Skyline Lake
  • Skyline Lake & Ridge
  • Skyline Ridge/North Side
  • Skyline Ridge, East Peak
  • Skyline Ridge, Middle Peak
  • Heather Ridge
  • Sky Mountain
  • Skyline Ridge to Tye Lake
  • Skyline Ridge to Tye Peak
  • Tye Lake
  • Tye Peak
  • Tye Peak & Lake
  • Skyline Ridge & Heather Ridge
  • Skyline Ridge & Sky Mountain
  • Skyline Ridge & Tye Peak
  • Heather Ridge & Sky Mountain
  • Heather Ridge & Tye Peak
  • Sky Mountain & Tye Peak
  • Heather Ridge, Sky Mountain & Tye Peak
  • Skyline Ridge, Heather Ridge, Sky Mountain & Tye Peak

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