Del Campo & Gothic Peaks

A strenuous and challenging scramble of one or two peaks off of the Mountain Loop Highway near Monte Cristo. It's up to 14 miles round trip and 5,500 feet of elevation gain.

getting there

From Granite Falls, drive the Mountain Loop Highway ~30 miles to Barlow Pass where the paving ends (2,360 ft). Parking is on the left.

approach & ascent

Walk the road from Barlow Pass for about a mile. Do not cross river. Look for trail on right that leads to Weden Creek Trail and Gothic Basin.  Follow trail up to Foggy Lake (5,200 ft).

del campo peak (6,610 ft)

12 miles round trip with 4,400 feet of elevation gain
diffculty: strenuous 4, technical 5

From Foggy Lake, ascend slopes on north side of lake and then the southeast ridge of Del Campo Peak. The ascend slopes on south side of peak to 6,200 ft and climb the main gully. Exit the gully on to the rock slope about 100 vertical feet before the gully ends.  Ascend the rock slope to the top of the col at ~6,350 ft. Turn left (west) and ascend to the summit.

gothic peak (6,213 ft)

11 miles round trip with 3,900 feet of elevation gain
diffculty: strenuous 4, technical 3

From Foggy Basin traverse clockwise around lake and ascend snow or talus to the north side of the north pinnacle. Ascend small benches through trees to the summit.

del campo & gothic peaks

14 miles round trip with 5,500 feet of elevation gain
diffculty: strenuous 5, technical 5

Climb each peak as described above from Foggy Lake.

  • Difficulty: Strenuous 5, Technical 5
  • Length: 14.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 5,500 ft
  • 6,610 ft
  • USGS Bedal
  • USGS Monte Cristo
  • Green Trails Mountain Loop Highway No. 111SX
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  • Del Campo Peak
  • Gothic Peak

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