Millersylvania State Park

A small park near Olympia great for social outings and field trips. Deep Lake with it's protected areas is great for practicing sea kayaking techniques.

park amenities

  • Campground
  • Restrooms
  • 4 kitchen shelters with electricity
  • 125 unsheltered picnic tables
  • 30 sheltered picnic tables
  • Amphitheater
  • 3 fire circles
  • 3 horseshoe pits
  • 7.6 miles of mountain bike trails
  • 8.6 miles of hiking trails
  • 100-feet of dock
  • Boat ramp
  • Kayak, paddle board, and pedal boat rentals

Deep lake

The majority of Deep Lake is located within Millersylvania State Park, and public access is provided via a boat launch in the park.  Since only "car top" boats can be launched, which prevents all but the smallest trolling motors, the lake is largely reserved for non-powered craft.  It's great for sea kayak practicing sea kayaking techniques.

Information for Leaders

The Mountaineers has a commercial use permit with Washington State Parks for all free and fee-based outings at state parks. Leaders should carry a print or digital copy of our  commercial use permit to show rangers they may encounter.

12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512
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  • Deep Lake
  • Deep Lake, Millersylvania State Park

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