Maple Valley Legacy Site

A parcel of land in Maple Valley that is home to the Maple Valley Farmers' Market and has a few trails including the 0.7-mile Gnome Trail and the one-mile Legacy Loop. Dogs are allowed on the trails.

Getting There

Drive SR-169 to the parking for the Gnome Trail that is west of the highway between SE 253rd Pl and SE 260th Place. It's also possible to start from the Maple Valley Farmers ' Market.

On the Trail

Gnome Trail

0.7 mile loop, 78 feet of elevation gain

Walk the this heavily trafficked loop trail enjoying beautiful wildflowers looking for the Gnomes that were relocated from Henry's Ridge.

Legacy Loop

1.0-mile loop

Hike the one-mile "Legacy Loop" or combine this loop with the Gnome Trail and other trails in the Legacy Site.


  • Length: 0.7 None
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  • Gnome Trail
  • Maple Valley Gnome Trail
  • Legacy Loop
  • Maple Valley Legacy Loop

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