Johnston Kelly Park

A 4.8-acre city park in Everett with trails and outdoor amphitheater. It's a great location for a walk, a stewardship activity, or a lesson in biodiversity.

about the park

from Everett Parks & Community Services website

This park was developed in 1993 when a 5th grade teacher at View Ridge Elementary wanted to teach her class about biodiversity. A neighbor who visited the class suggested they clean the green belt near the school. The students embraced the idea.

A developer built a road and a pond to catch water runoff. Now, the park features Rocky Waters, a centrally located creek bed and Marshtopia, a mitigation pond, each named by the students.

Over the years, new 5th graders have added paths and an amphitheater. A Boy Scout built a bridge over the park's creek to earn his Eagle Scout Award. The park has become an outdoor classroom where students perform plays and carry out lessons. Every year, 3rd graders assist the Parks Department to add new bark to the trails. The newest addition will be a Native Plant Demonstration Garden located near the amphitheater.

Information for Leaders

Scheduling & Permits

  • If you are scheduling this as a non-stewardship or non-course related activity, please limit your group size to the recommended party size. The maximum party size is for use by stewardship and course-related trips only, and includes both participants and leaders. Group size maximums do not reflect how these kinds of trips are run (in smaller groups of participants and leaders), but allow for leaders to register the activity in our system.
  • Land Manager: Everett Parks & Recreation
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 24
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 24
49th St SW and Forest Dr, Everett, WA
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