Icicle Creek Road

An easy road walk on Icicle Road allows snowshoers of any ability level to pick their own distance as the road gradually ascends the the Icicle Creek Valley. This route is the portion of Icicle Road near Leavenworth which is not plowed during the winter. Great views of Icicle Creek and surrounding peaks.


Drive US 2 to the junction with Icicle Road, just west of Leavenworth. Turn south onto Icicle Creek Road and drive 9 to 10 miles to where the plowing stops and the road is closed.

snowshoe & Ski Routes

This is a mixed-use area for snowshoers, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers, and possibly dogsledders. Soak in the views of Icicle Creek, which parallels the road, and the nearby mountains. Travel as far as you like up the road and turn around when you are ready to head home. Many trips cover 2 to 4 miles.

  • Difficulty: Easy, U-XC 1 Beginner Ungroomed
  • Length: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 300 ft
  • 2,900 ft
  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes East (Stuart Range) No. 208SX
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