Upper Icicle Creek

A hike or backpack that starts gently on a forest trail hugging beautiful Icicle Creek, passing a small cascade and the confluence with French Creek and gaining only 400 feet in the first five miles. The trail continues on another five miles eventually climbing steeply to end at Josephine Lake. From Icicle or Chatter Creeks, hike Mormon Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

getting there

Drive SR-2 to Leavenworth on turn east onto Icicle Creek Road at the west end of town. Drive 14.5 miles to the Chatter Creek Trailhead (2,600 ft) or  20.4 miles to its end and the Icicle Creek Trailhead (2,800 ft).

on the trail

This popular trail is one of the entry points to the gorgeous high country of the Chiwaukum Mountains.  The first five miles are a mellow stream-side walk. A hiker can carry on, eventually climbing steeply all the way to the trail's end at Lake Josephine, or can take one of several turn offs along the way to explore other routes that take one to the high ridges surrounding the Icicle Valley.

Upper Icicle Creek

10 miles round trip, 400 feet of elevation gain, 3,200 ft High point

Hike the Icicle Creek Trail (No. 1551) from the  at Icicle Creek Trailhead 1.5 miles to the junction with the French Creek Trail (No. 15925) and another 0.4 mile to the French Ridge Trail (No. 1594). Stay on the Icicle Creek Trail at each trail junction. From the French Ridge Trail junction, continue 2 miles to the bridge across Icicle Creek. Turn around here or continue up the Icicle Creek as far as desired.

Lake Edna

12.5 miles round trip, 4,500 feet of elevation gain, 6,375 ft high point

Hike the Chatter Creek Trail from the Chatter Creek Trailhead 6 miles to its junction with the Index Creek Trail ( No. 1572). Turn left and continue 0.5 miles to Lake Edna.

Mormon Lakes

20 miles one-way, yy feet of elevation gain, 6,800 ft High Point

Park cars at the Icicle Creek Trailhead and Chatter Creek Trailhead for a car shuttle—they are ~5 miles apart. Hike the Icicle Creek Trail (No. 1551) from the  at Icicle Creek Trailhead 1.9 miles to the junction with the Frosty Creek Trail (No. 1592) at 3,200 ft. Turn right and climb 4.3 miles to Lake Margaret (5,400 ft) and another 0.5 mile to Frosty Pass with parklands stretching in every direction. Turn right and onto the very popular Icicle Ridge Trail (No. 1570). Pass the ¼-mile spur trail to Lake Mary (6,100 ft) in one mile (~11 miles total to Lake Mary) and cross Mary's Pass (6,900 ft) in another mile to reach the ¼-mile spur trail to Upper Florence Lake (6,500 ft). Camps can be found at all of these lakes. Cross Ladies Pass (6,800 ft) in 1.2 miles. Lakes Brigham and Flora are ~2 miles and and 1,500 feet below on the Chiwaukum Creek Trail (No. 1571). Continuing on the Icicle Ridge Trail another mile from the Chiwaukum Creek Trail junction, pass 7,315-foot Cape Horn and then cold, rocky Lake Edna (6,735 ft). Shortly after Lake Edna, turn right on the Chatter Creek Trail (No. 1580), to exit via Chatter Creek Campground for a (partial) loop of 20+ miles, 4,000 feet of elevation gain, and 4,100 feet of elevation loss depending on the lakes visited.

Icicle Creek-Chain & Doelle Lakes-Frosty Pass Loop

35-mile loop, 9,500 feet of elevation gain

In three days, visit ten spectacular less-visited (and swimmable) alpine lakes in the Central Cascades—three Chain Lakes, two Doelle Lakes, Upper Florence Lake, two Lake Graces, Mary Lake and Margaret Lake—one panoramic high pass, a potentially spectacular lupine field, a section of abandoned trail, and two scenic camps.

  • Suitable Activities: Backpacking, Day Hiking
  • Seasons: May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Difficulty: *Varies*, Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, Very Strenuous
  • Length: 10.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 400 ft
  • 3,200 ft
  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes East (Stuart Range) No. 208SX
  • Green Trails Stevens Pass No. 176
  • Green Trails Chiwaukum Mtns No. 177
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  • Mormon Lakes
  • Lake Edna
  • Icicle Creek–Chain & Doelle Lakes–Frosty Pass Loop

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