Hardy Ridge

A moderate 8.1 mile hike with 2,226 feet of elevation gain. The ridge has a view of Table Mountain, Bonneville, and parts of the Columbia River Gorge.

Getting there

Drive SR-14 to Beacon Rock State Park, 34 miles east of Vancouver, WA. Turn left at Kueffler Rd (next to a large Beacon Rock State Park sign), drive 1 mile to an intersection and "Equestrian Trailhead" sign.. Turn right and drive 0.4 miles to the picnic area and trailhead (840 ft).

on the trail

hardy ridge loop

8.1 miles round trip with 2,226 feet of elevation gain

Hike out the West Hardy Ridge Trail and loop back on the East Hardy Ridge Trail.



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  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 8.1 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,226 ft
  • 2,868 ft
  • Green Trails Columbia River Gorge West No. 428S
  • see Land Manager
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  • Hardy Ridge Loop
  • Hardy Ridge & Creek
  • Hardy Ridge & Creek Loop
  • Hardy Ridge & Beyond
  • Hardy Ridge & Beacon Rock
  • Beacon Rock State Park

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