Grace Lakes

An easy snowshoe trip 4 mile snowshoe trip along a road, gaining 500 feet and leading to an expansive basin with several lakes.

getting there

From SR 2 East, take the first right turn into the Stevens Pass ski area parking lots as you reach the pass.
From SR 2 West, take the last left turn into the Stevens Pass ski area parking lots just before you leave the pass.
Stay to the left, entering Parking Lot #3 and go through the long parking lot and around a hairpin turn into Parking Lot #4, the uppermost parking area.

Snowshoe Route

From our Stevens Lodge, follow the road uphill.  Less than a quarter mile from the lodge, don't miss the right-hand turn; following the fork left will lead you up into the ski area.  The route will lead you along a road (easy route-finding!), up and down, and eventually to the Grace Lakes Basin.  Here there is rolling terrain to explore.  Seek out the knob on the northern edge for views out to Skyline Ridge and Rock Mountain.


  • Watch for skiers and boarders coming down the road.
  • Please note that this is the ONLY area within the Stevens Pass Resort boundaries where foot travel is allowed. Be sure to reference Stevens Pass Uphill Traffic Policy.

information for leaders

scheduling & permits

  • If you are scheduling this as a non-course related activity, please limit your group size to the default party size. The maximum party size is for use by course field trips only, and includes both students and instructors.
  • Group size maximums do not reflect how course field trips are run (in smaller groups of students and instructors), but allow for course leaders to register the course in our system.
  • If you are scheduling a course field trip, please contact our Member Services Team to confirm the field trip and any permitting regulations.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: 4.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 500 ft
  • 4,500 ft
  • USGS Stevens Pass
  • Green Trails Stevens Pass No. 176

Upcoming Activities

Ice Ax Refresher - Grace Lakes

Scrambling Seminar
Half-day workshop, primarily for individuals instructing at the Everett Scrambling Snow Field Trip, but there
Difficulty: Easy
Sat, Apr 20, 2019
Prerequisites, Leader's Permission Required
7 participants 1 leader
Registration closes Apr 19
Everett Branch
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