Tour Ancient and Modern Turkey: Istanbul and the Aegean

Explore Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman history in the midst of the exciting bustle of modern, thriving Turkey.

Istanbul:  A magical crossroads of civilizations for thousands of years.  The Aegean region of Turkey:  home of the best-preserved Greek ruins in the world.   Walk through an ancient Roman cistern and a Hippodrome where chariots raced.  Visit the Haga Sofia church, now a mosque, with Byzantine frescoes.  Walk through the Blue Mosque with its elaborate painted tilework.   Walk the city's spice market, bazaar and bustiling waterfront.  Cruise the Bosporus for views of Ottoman homes, forts and palaces, all the way to the Black Sea.  Tour the extensive Greek ruins in Pergamum, Ephesus and Aphrodisias.  Visit the 'cotton cliffs' and spas of Pamukkale.  And all this surrounded by the bustle and commerce of a thriving country with energetic welcoming people.  Western Turkey is safe and very friendly to visitors from Europe and North America, with knowledgeable guides, convenient transportation, great lodging options and amazing food. 

  • Difficulty: Easy

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