Gargoyles Canyon

Nestled beneath jagged mountain peaks, Gargoyles is a charming canyon that features a number of multi-tiered waterfalls and sweeping vistas of the river valley below. The canyon drops steeply off the eastern flank of Del Campo Peak, losing 1,100 feet of elevation in less than 0.4 miles and ending in a scenic final sequence at the valley bottom. It is rated v3a3V from mid-summer through fall.

Getting There

From Granite Falls, drive the Mountain Loop Highway 31 miles to the Barlow Pass Trailhead. The parking lot is on the left.


From the parking lot, head southeast for ~300 feet until reaching the sign for Weeden Creek Trail (No. 724) on the right. Hike the trail for 2.9 miles and 1,600 feet of elevation gain until the creek intersects the trail underneath a nice view of Del Campo Peak.


  • Rappel 1: 70 feet DCL (Down Canyon Left)
  • Rappel 2: 100 feet DCR (Down Canyon Right)
  • Rappel 3: 120 feet DCL; downclimb the 15-foot waterfall immediately after Rapprl 3
  • Rappel 4: 40 feet DCR
  • Rappel 5: 200 feet DCL, two stages
  • Rappel 6 : 50 feet from cairn anchor
  • Rappel 7: 100 feet DCR, two stages
  • Rappel 8: 180 feet DCL, two stages
  • Rappel 9: 180 feet DCR, two stages
  • Rappel 10: 20 feet DCR or downclimb


Navigating the exit is challenging and GPS is highly recommended. Follow the creek rubble, veering left where possible. As it becomes overgrown, take the path of least resistance while continuing to angle left until reaching the pine forest. Enter the pine forest, continue traveling north at 2,500 to 2,600 feet elevation until reaching the approach trail. Hike the approach trail back to the trailhead. 


  • Rappels: 10
  • Longest Rappel: 200 feet
  • Approach: 3 miles and 1,600 feet elevation gain
  • Exit: 3 miles and 500 feet elevation gain
  • Time: 8 to 12 hours total


  • Gargoyles is rated v3a3V from mid-summer through fall. 
  • The canyon is prone to winter avalanches which may cause damage to the anchors. There is plenty of natural anchor building material to make cairn anchors.
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  • Suitable Activities: Canyoning
  • Seasons: July, August, September, October
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Difficulty: Intermediate Canyon
  • Length: 6.2 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,600 ft
  • 3,650 ft
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