Cougar Mountain: Big Tree Ridge Trailhead

Hike into the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park's northeast corner on the Big Tree Ridge Trail to access a number of loops of varying mileage, elevation gain, and difficulty in the park.

Temporary Trailhead Closure

From the King County website: Big Tree Ridge Trailhead, on the east side of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, will be closed to parking until the trailhead project is complete. We anticipate beginning construction on the new trailhead in fall 2022. Please do not park on neighboring streets or in nearby residential areas.

Please user one of our other Cougar Mountain Routes & Places until the new Big Tree Trailhead is open.

getting there

Take Exit 13 off of I-90 onto Newport Way heading southeast. In ~2.5 miles and just after passing Oakcrest Drive on the  right, turn right into the Big Tree Ridge Trailhead (89 ft).


 The many interconnected trails in the Cougar Mountain area provide many out-and-back and loop day hikes of varying mileage, elevation gain, and difficulty. Choose your own adventure!

  • Difficulty: *Varies*
  • Green Trails Cougar Mtn No. 203S
  • see Land Manager

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  • Big Tree Ridge
  • Cougar Mountain: Big Tree Ridge
  • Cougar Mountain Loop

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