Chiwawa Sno-Park

Chiwawa Sno-Park is a good place for beginner to moderate cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with over 10 miles of ski trails and up to 680 ft in elevation gain. The See and Ski Trail across the road towards the river is the most scenic and often easiest of the ski trails.

getting there

Drive to the Chiwawa Sno-Park

ski and snowshoe trails

  • Squire Run: An easy 2.5-mile round trip on the north side of the Chiwawa River Road.
  • Flying Loop: A 3-mile loop with steep hills and a challenging descent.
  • Rock Ridge: A 3.8-mile snowshoe route that is more-or-less enclosed by the Flying Loop Trail.
  • See and Ski:  A 4-mile loop on the south side of Chiwawa River Road. This trail is easy when the snow if soft, but can be quite challenging when it is icy.
  • Difficulty: N2 Nordic Advanced Basic Ski
  • Length: 6.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 680 ft
  • 2,600 ft
  • Green Trails Plain No. 146

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  • Squire Run
  • Flying Loop
  • Rock Ridge
  • See and Ski

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