Capitol Land Trust

Join our Olympia Branch based partner in a variety of stewardship and educational opportunities to restore, maintain, and learn about essential habitats along rivers, wetlands and forests.

about the land trust

Their Mission: Incorporated in 1987, Capitol Land Trust has grown from a volunteer organization into a professional land trust, accredited by the Land Trust Alliance for meeting national standards of excellence. We are committed to developing partnerships to conserve our region’s natural areas and working lands.

They have conserved 71 properties, 5,500 acres and 14 miles of Puget Sound shoreline. Join our conservation partner in one of their regularly hosted stewardship activities that supports a sustainable community for animals, plants, and all of us in southwest Washington.

lands managed by the trust

  • Difficulty: *Varies*
  • Land Manager: Capitol Land Trust
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 20
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 20
209 4th Ave E #205, Olympia, WA 98501

Upcoming Activities

Stewardship - Lower Eld Estuary Preserve (Olympia)

Stewardship Trip
Hello wildlife lovers! Lower Eld Estuary Preserve is a sanctuary for Southwest Washington’s most loved
Difficulty: *Varies*
Wed, Dec 18, 2019
No Prerequisites
9 participants
Registration closes Dec 16
Olympia Branch

Stewardship - Capitol Land Trust

Youth, Stewardship & Family Trip
Planting Party! Bring your friends and family out to Inspiring Kids Preserve to help plant
Difficulty: *Varies*
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
No Prerequisites
14 participants
Registration closes Jan 10
Olympia Branch

Stewardship - Brown Preserve (Olympia)

Stewardship Trip
Lend your muscles to eradicating invasive plants at our Brown Preserve on Martin Luther King
Difficulty: *Varies*
Mon, Jan 20, 2020
No Prerequisites
18 participants
Registration closes Jan 18
Olympia Branch
Trip Reports

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  • Aldridge Conservation Easement
  • Aldridge Conservation Easement (Maytown)
  • Allison Springs
  • Allison Springs (Olympia)
  • Anderson Preserve
  • Anderson Preserve (Olympia)
  • Bayfield Forest Conservation Easement
  • Bayfield Forest Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Bayshore Preserve
  • Bayshore Preserve (Shelton)
  • Bentley Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Brown Preserve
  • Brown Preserve (Olympia)
  • Darlin Creek Preserve
  • Darlin Creek Preserve (Olympia)
  • Davidson-Bergman Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Ekar-Overhulse Preserve
  • Ekar-Overhulse Preserve (Olympia)
  • Hale Preserve
  • Hale Preserve (Olympia)
  • Harper Conservation Easement
  • Harper Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Harmony Farm
  • Harmony Farm (Olympia)
  • Harmony Farm Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Hilburn Preserve
  • Hilburn Preserve (Shelton)
  • Holm-Rader Farm Conservation Easement
  • Holm-Rader Farm Conservation Easement (Rochester)
  • Howe Conservation Easement
  • Howe Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Kaiser Preserve
  • Kaiser Preserve (Olympia)
  • Lake Lucinda & Darlin Creek
  • Lower Eld Estuary Preserve
  • Lower Eld Estuary Preserve (Olympia)
  • Lonseth Preserve
  • Lonseth Preserve (Olympia)
  • McIntyre Conservation Easement
  • McIntyre Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • McLane Point Preserve/Conservation Easement
  • McLane Point Preserve/Conservation Easement (Olympia)
  • Oakland Bay Historical Park
  • Oakland Bay Historical Park (Shelton)
  • Oakland Bay Historical Park Conservation Easement (Shelton)
  • Pannell Preserve
  • Pannell Preserve (Shelton)
  • Randall Preserve
  • Randall Preserve (Olympia)
  • Randall Preserve/Allison Springs
  • Randall Preserre/Allison Springs (Olympia)
  • Scheidt-Mayer Preserve
  • Scheidt-Mayer Preserve (Olympia)
  • Schmidt Conservation Easements
  • Schmidt Conservation Easements (Olympia)
  • Shermer-Deschutes Preserve
  • Shermer-Deschutes Preserve (Olympia)
  • Springer Lake Preserve
  • Springer Lake Preserve (Olympia)
  • Spurgeon Valley Preserve
  • Spurgeon Valley Preserve (East Olympia)
  • Stephens Preserve
  • Stephens Preserve (Olympia)
  • Stewart-Deschutes Preserve
  • Stewart-Deschutes Preserve (Tumwater)
  • Tilley Wetlands Preserve
  • Tilley Wetlands Preserve (Tenino)
  • Tilley East Preserve
  • Tilley East Preserve (Tenino)
  • Tilley West Preserve
  • Tilley West Preserve (Tenino)
  • Twin Rivers Ranch Preserve
  • Twin Rivers Ranch Preserve (Shelton)

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